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Quickest Way To Make Money On Earth    Author: Martin Thomas

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Over 5 years ago, my wife Cassie and I were living a fairly routine life. As a manager for a reasonably large insurance company which was a Global corporate citizen, we were doing OK. My wife didn’t have to work, but money was tight most, if not all of the time. My hours were long and I didn’t have much time or money to enjoy what life had to offer.

One sunny afternoon, my buddies and I were having a few cold beers on Geoff’s newly built sun deck and the 5 of us were talking about all sorts of things, but in particular the topic of conversation centered around an inter-office email I had received among the managers pc’s. The email was a link to a download of a book that one of the managers, Paul, had received over the internet. He was freely sharing it with the rest of us and I was interested enough to download it myself. I had read it the previous night and was telling my buddies about it this sunny day over 5 years ago.

I could tell I was switching on lights when I talked about the ideas in this book written by a guy named Hayden Muller. Beasley and Geoff in particular lead the charge and wanted me to elaborate on what I had previously said. I relayed the ideas as best as I could remember them and they all seemed to take a lot of interest, so I offered to email them all a copy.

The next day, I got 5 phone calls from 5 different friends, all with the same opinion. They wanted to try this.

The book was about compounding capital as a way to make money fast. Simply put, the idea was to find opportunities that were priced below intrinsic value and profetize the excess on a systematic basis. Now I am not and never was a "make money fast" kind of person. But the strategies and ideas made a lot of sense to me!

More on this later, but we were all, at that time very interested in the merit of this book. I visited my accountant in the middle of that week on an unrelated matter and ran passed him some of the idea’s. The first thing he said when I mentioned it was “oh, off the internet” Implying it couldn’t be worth the time to consider. I was challenged by this attitude and persisted. I talked about leverage and compounding rates of 200% by accessing excess intrinsic value that was everywhere. I talked about “economies of scale” and common mis-pricings of intrinsic value. I was slowly starting to convince him on especially a few points and he seemed to suddenly get interested. 

He wanted to read the book too. Kevin my accountant told me that he felt if I really wanted his opinion that he should take a look at it first before making any statements about the usefulness of the book in his professional capacity.

The biggest claim the book made, that excited as well as made me cautious was that if you followed the principles, you will get the same results. The author claimed that 1 million dollars was only the first step and not particularly difficult. To me, at the time $1 million dollars may as well have been a billion, the idea that I could be a millionaire in as little as 12 months was beyond my capacity to imagine with any serious contemplation. This attitude delayed my excellent current lifestyle today by well over 4 months, but as they say, better late then never.

Later that week, I got an unexpected call from Kevin, my accountant. (I really didn’t expect he would download and read the book) His demeanor had changed regarding the principles in the book and he spoke with guarded professionalism. Kevin told me that the principles were sound as far as his professional opinion was concerned. He agreed with the books premise that all real wealth is created this way and that it was, he conceded possible for anyone to do this. 

He finished with a caveat that basically pointed to what I already knew. Namely, it’s one thing to know how to do something and a totally different story to actually put it into practice. Not because the principles don’t work, but because people are emotional creatures and don’t act like robots, so his professional opinion was that the book spelled out how to do it, but it didn’t mean that I would succeed if I tried it. I wasn’t slighted by this seeming reflection on my capacities, because I understood what he was trying to say. - Just because you know how, it doesn’t guarantee that you will.

Month’s passed and the heavy mortgage Cass and I took on a year previously had been smothering our lifestyle. 

Kevin’s professional opinion seemed to have a numbing effect on my initial excitement. He placed himself squarely in the middle, there-by neutralizing my initial challenging attitude.

He said yes, it’s possible based on what he read! I lost my will to fight him on any areas of the book and my understanding was very tentative. He said yes, its possible but it doesn’t mean YOU will succeed. He told me exactly what I needed to hear to forget the whole thing and never think about it again. 

If he shot holes in the arguments “Muller” had made, then I would have had ammunition to debate with him. I could have re-read the book and found evidence to back up my understanding of the principles. But instead, he simply committed his professional opinion as an accountant that this book had merit but not to hold my breath, that I would actually make it work. I couldn’t really fight that. 

It was a neutral argument. It was an argument based on “probability” not facts.

The book was nevertheless a new idea for me. A simple and direct path to exactly what I really want....results! I have been side tracked in my life more times then I care to think about. Always some angle, some particularly attractive advantage that makes you act, even though if you assessed the opportunity on its own merits, you would have never taken a first step much less gone any further.

It’s that which I needed, a new idea and this is what is available to you today. 

A new idea changes everything and this will more then likely change everything for you. 

Introduction-How I made my first Million

The day I got home one afternoon to find my wife quietly sobbing at the kitchen table because her sister had just called her to tell her that their mother had just passed away in a car accident was a very melancholy day for me. After comforting her and doing what I could, I left her alone to her grief as she needed it. Being away from her and giving her space that day, I had some strange feelings and emotions. The furthest thing from my mind was wealth creation or Haydens Book “The Million Dollar Mentor”

Cassies mother lived in Scotland and we didn’t have the money to buy a bus ticket much less flying across the Atlantic and spending money to attend a funeral. Cassie knew that and I think it could have only added to her grief. I had plenty of work to do so I kept to myself unless she needed me that night, but I did little work...

I love the woman I’m married to and would do anything for her. All I could think about was how unhappy she was this moment and how it was my fault that I couldn’t deliver for her what we need. I was not a bad provider, I was just not a very good one.

As I quickly discovered over the coming weeks, I got the message. She couldn’t help her emotions and the sparkle in her eye that I welcomed so much as part of being with this woman had started to fade. Now, I know this may sound like a little thing but it had huge ramifications for me and frankly scared the hell out of me. 

Cassie had dealt with her grief the best way she knew how and fair or unfair, I was lowered to a more distant status in her emotional world. There was not much I could do, so I accepted it and felt that she would snap out of it at some later stage when I made it up to her.

But that night, trying to work and also being distracted by the emotional turmoil somebody I love was going through, I began to have escapist thoughts.

You see, I came to the realization that when I think about wealth creation ideas, its a mechanism of escape for my emotions. Not specifically a serious attempt at actually doing anything to improve my situation. Whenever I would take to reading books or listening to tapes, it was because something was going on in my life that I wanted to run from. Where as consciously I was serious about finding a solution, unconsciously, I was kidding myself. I was killing time and generally just trying to avoid any unpleasant feelings I may have had been experiencing caused by the things that life threw in my path.

Does that make these kinds of money making products useless? At the time, when I realized that it occurred to me that yes, they are all useless and I was just consuming them to kid myself while the latest drama passed and I could get back to my mundane, unimportant, mediocre life.

That these types of books were just a diversion and distraction from current unpleasant circumstances.

Well, that night, as my wife grieved the loss of her mother and I had been having these realizations there was a cloud descending over our home. A sort of emotional jell permeating the air that smelled to me of the foul stench of failure. It is hard to explain the feeling, but its like everything resists you. Like you are physically suspended in a gelatine of some kind and the resistance is great to any endeavor and wish. Like nothing you hope for will ever come to pass and you will live out your days exactly as you are, never to experience a single new thing ever again. Yes, it felt like life was passing me by, but the impression was on steroids due to the current emotional cloud.

Nevertheless, I gravitated to my library of past book’s, tapes and seminar’s. I observed myself as the justifications seemed to come flooding to the fore of my mind. I began to think about the delicious idea of making my first million within 12 months, I started to think about Haydens book again above the hundreds of programs I had collected over the years, this particular book that seemed to have just fallen into my lap out of a clear blue sky, was the one I kept coming back to.

If I really could focus for 12 short months, I reasoned, then it would be very easy if I started seeing results. These thoughts brought relief and would solve so many current problems that the idea seemed to take on a life of its own in my mind at that moment.

Old ideas came back and I felt the familiar hopefulness that sustained me in the past. The possibility that I could actually make a difference and become a master of my circumstances rather than a passive victim. 

All my problems were money related. What ever problem you could conjure, there is nothing that cash couldn’t solve. I know money isn’t everything, but it certainly does solve a lot of little problems that seem so big when you lack the cash.

Despite my insights about my pattern of behavior, it made sense to escape again as the cloud that was settling on top of our home was digging in. I could feel it. I needed relief.

I opened the file where the book was. Hayden’s book. It was visited several times over the last few months since my encounter with the accountant. 

But life got in the way and there weren’t any particular crisis until now, that I had to escape from. I found the inspiration to get myself a sandwich and sit back in my home office, put my feet up on the desk and go through the whole thing again. I wanted to re-live every paragraph and put myself back into the state of mind I was in a few months ago. I wanted to be filled with hope and bristling with ambition again.

I wanted to know things would be ok and if I could find the emotional “vibe” I was in 2 months ago about this possibility, then maybe I could, this time-DO SOMETHING.

I read and read for a good part of the evening. I was starting to feel my old self again and that dark gelatinous cloud began to lift. I started to feel energy again coursing through my veins. I started to remember my fire.

Dreams are a funny thing, if you don’t reach them, they become a burr in your side. If you don’t try, you can’t get rid of them. So either you fight for your dreams and fail and get on with your life or you suffer under the weight of regret. Or, of course you achieve them.

These are your only alternatives, when it comes to the consequences of having dreams. 

Guess what I did next!

The following pages are a summation of how I earned my first million dollars over 5 years ago. I wanted sincerely to make money faster than I was and it worked, I did it very quickly and I did it without any help from partners or financial backers. I took out no loans and needed no credit checks or large deposits. I had very little spare cash and I can honestly say, I made my first million starting with just $500!

What I did for the next 12 months from that day on was buy $1 notes for 50 cents or less on a systematic basis.

In essence that’s what Hayden’s book is about. If you read no further and you only take one thing away from this novella, then let it be this sentence above. Excess intrinsic value is everywhere. Its like spare money lying in the streets and footpaths, but you need to train yourself to see it and scoop it up. Whether you become a millionaire or whether you stop short at a quick and lazy $500,000 for lack of interest, you will always have the key to money in your pocket if you learn how to do what you are about to learn.

No matter what may come your way, no matter what problems you may encounter in your life, you will not suffer for a lack of money.

With this knowledge and the experience of doing it first hand yourself, you will have a certain “life confidence” about you because money won’t be the burden that it once was. Before it was your master, from now on... money will be your servant.


The Past
But lets back up a bit further before we go forward from the day Cassie’s mother died. I want to give you a bit of background and share with you my previous and current attitudes towards money and rapid wealth creation.

It’s new years eve, a few years earlier and we had just lost our son in a terrible drowning accident that was a never ending source of emotional pain. To lose an innocent child in such a tragic and mindless circumstance, you can’t imagine how it eats at you. The hollowness and emptiness you feel is only overshadowed by your overwhelming sense of regret and loss.

It had been 6 months since the accident and Cassie and I were coming to terms with it and beginning to think about living again. 

We had been married for over 10 years and we knew each other very well. It was time to complete the grieving and allow ourselves some joy again. That new years eve, I told Cassie about a mobile “hose” franchise that we were going to invest in.

Over the years I had come to the realization that working for the rest of my life, in my job was just not going to cut it for us. I observed people doing things with their finances around me and I could see many smart people were taking risks so that the future could look a little brighter. Many got involved online and they ALWAYS did well out of it. It wasn’t obvious at the time to me, but the people that took the investment vehicle of an online business did exceptionally well. 

This explains why I didn’t go in that direction also....it just didn’t occur to me. I was blind to the fact that everyone over the years who I watched getting well above my standard of living were doing it with an online endeavour and it never occurred to me to try it myself. It felt too complicated and boring to me. It seemed so cumbersome.

The work “seemed” excessive and that was after finishing your day job. The idea of prattling around with websites seemed like a waste of time. I was a putz with the computer anyway. Little did I know it was actually a complete and easy SNAP to make the type of money I sought working online! Just goes to show, you never know until you try.

Logical or not, that’s the reasoning behind why I got involved in a business I knew nothing about and injected over $48,000 of my own money and took out a loan against the equity in our previous home, just to get into mobile hydraulic hose fittings sales.

In hindsight, the sales pitch for this franchise made economical sense. The franchise dealer produced graphs and charts showing upward sloping trends in the hydraulic’s industry and it was true. Manufacturers were building vehicles of all sorts with more hydraulics and hosing in them. 20 years ago things like air conditioning and power steering in vehicles were a rare accessory. They were the “up sell” that only some individuals ordered with their new car purchase. Today these “extra’s” are standard in every single vehicle. From small 4 cylinders to luxury saloons to large trucks and farming equipment. 

They all had these accessories which were primarily run by hydraulics and hoses. These types of units break down easily due to operational vibration and if the clips and brass fittings aren’t replaced, then the equipment breaks down. In my mind, the franchise dealer made a very strong case and revealed a tremendous market waiting to be tapped. I had visions of owning 100 of these little vans with fit, friendly drivers who could be trained to do the simple jobs required to maintain the hydraulics equipment.

Mechanics didn’t generally like working on this stuff because the tools are specialized and they had to offer warranties on their work which made hydraulics maintenance a specialized field.

OK, enough justification for my gullible and stupid actions. FACT I knew nothing about this industry and was not very gifted in the mechanical sense. Second I based my decision solely on the recommendations of the person who stood to immediately profit from my decision to buy this franchise, the franchise consultant.

Third, the company that was selling these franchises was actually going broke itself and was using this method of revenue raising to soften its landing.

The crazy thing is I quit my job, put the family home on the line and took to manning the franchise van. I spent days doing nothing but reading the paper and wondering what I had done. When the dispatch radio did come to life, it sent me a short print out script with an address on it and a code which told me what type of job it was.

They were always “A6” which was the least paying most time consuming job that no other professional wanted because it just wasn’t worth the time to drive out. The payment was a poultry $12 which was less than the gas bill. I had made a huge mistake and it took me several months of this to realize it. We were living off the loan we took out against the equity of our home and that was coming to an end. Something had to be done. 

I sold the van and got some money for the hydraulics tools and the existing stock I had back to the company (for next to nothing) then I got my old job back within 1 week of making the decision.

All totalled, I lost $28,000 I wont say who the company are because they are still in business today and marketing heavily. I don’t know if they turned things around for themselves, but they are still in business surprisingly.

This experience is one of many such experiences that I have had trying to find a path to financial security.

My Experiences
The one thing that most of my small business attempts had in common was that I was of the quality school of business attempts gone wrong. I believed quite foolishly, that you get what you pay for.

Like a good consumer, I liked to and wanted to pay well for my business attempts. I believed that my success was much more likely the more the business costed me going in. This attitude served me well as a consumer as I always prefered paying a little more and getting the best rather than cutting corners and buying inferior products and services. I applied this same concept to businesses.

Hayden’s book is diametrically opposed to this faulty idea of mine and I see now why I lost so much money, so many times. In actual fact, I should have been as cheap as possible about setting up a business idea because negating risk is a top priority when setting up a new business. The LESS it costs you the better!

Over the years, I dragged my poor wife to more seminars and put her through more conversations about the latest book or tape set that I bought that I wonder how she is still with me. But when I get motivated about something, its kind of infectious and I have a certain way of communicating enthusiasm that can make others enthusiastic too.

I had tried many things over the years before I finally made my money primarily with my online businesses. These attempts are a world apart from how money is actually is made. I know now what I failed to grasp then, that money is numerical in nature and can be exponentially grown with a simple system of ideas.

More on that soon, but my past is littered with failed attempts at making real money. Lasting money, money that will be with me for life, an outstanding amount of money that squarely puts me in the position of being wealthy.

When I was younger and before I was married I got heavily involved with multi-level-marketing. A self feeding system where the people you recruit become your customers. The “rah-rah” sessions keep you believing while you waste time trying to push cheap imported product at astronomical prices. All I can say about mlm, is that it's the quickest way to alienate yourself from your friends and family imagineable. If you want to get rid of somebody you value in your life, just try and recruit them into one of these schemes.

It’s the “rah-rah” sessions that really sucker you in. The social environment is fun and you feel accepted and liked by “positive” people. The dynamic is the same as the guru type cults that you hear about. People that are vulnerable socially make great candidates and being single and lonely at the time, I liked being surrounded by “positive” motivated women.

Its a utopian environment except for one small thing. Nobody really makes any money. The only ones that do are right at the top. The originators of the scheme and perhaps a few their cronies, but the majority spend their time kidding themselves until they finally wake up. 

That’s been my experience anyway. It’s this “positive” attitude that keeps feeding you and the promise of a fortune that will just keep coming from your downline that really suckers people in. The idea of a passive cash flow appeals to many people. I personally don’t believe passive income exists except for bank interest rates and maybe in the automated/systemized world of online business. In these environments, a steady stream of cash does come “passively” without you having to lift a finger ever again. But the truth is you need enormous amounts of money to begin with to get useable returns with a bank deposit. A useable return is one that will replace a day job wage. That is what I consider to be useable.

To get that sort of money, $1000,000 or more, you are not going to get it from a cash flow proposition. If banks and real estate rent roll’s will give you a steady and very reliable 7% (roughly speaking) then where do you get the money you need in the first place? On a capital account of $1 million dollars, 7% translates into $70,000 or about $1400 per week. Most people could live quite comfortable on $1400 per week. You are definitely not rich. An income of $1400 per week would mean you are on a typical income with a typical middle class lifestyle, but you are not rich. The big difference is that you don’t have to physically labor to get this income. It comes from the $1 million dollars you have in your bank account or the $1 million dollars of real estate you own. You could say you are rich because you have the million dollars but if you spent it, then you will lose your income. So in actual fact at the $1 million dollar level you are not rich, but rather just independently retired.

The real measure of wealth is to have money that you can apply to lifestyle. In other words, $5000 to $10,000 per week would be considered as wealthy. With that sort of income your lifestyle is well above the standard family. To get that sort of income you would need to be the owner of an outstanding amount of money. About $5 to $12 million.

With that amount of money in cash or assets that produce a return like Real Estate, then you could definitely call yourself rich because lifestyle is the true reflection of wealth.

But like me, I am sure you would agree, that just getting to that first level and becoming independently retired and never having to work again would be a great outcome in anybodies books.

Small Business Attempts
After I gave the multi-level-marketers my final “hoorah” I went back to working for a living. I was in sales and went back to the industry I had some reasonable experience in. The insurance business is very broad and there are many opportunities for young people in this business. I took those opportunities and did OK I guess but not more than a year into my working life I had established a line of business credit and began thinking about quitting my job and setting something up for myself again.

I had been servicing a group of small car lots in my territory selling them wholesale warranties that they could offer their customers at a profit. These warranties were about as valuable as a piece of blank paper and I was disgusted with the product and the company I worked for. They were ripping people off and to support myself I was forced to peddle these useless warranties so buyers of used cars could feel a little secure. However, if the car did break down, there was so much fine print that nobody ever read, that meant they would have to pay for the repair themselves. It was pretty unpalatable from my perspective and I hated it.

I was ready to toss my service pack at my boss and walk out for good. I would run my own ethical business and I chose to become a car dealer principle.

I arranged the finance to make a purchase of a small group of 20 cheap cars from the auctions my contacts introduced me to and I set up an old lot that had been vacant for months. It was on a busy highway so by my estimation if my marketing was looking good I would get the exposure I’d need to succeed in this new business venture.

I lasted exactly 14 months before I closed the doors on that business. To stay competitive, my margins had to be extremely thin. This suited my ethical needs and I was happy to continue because at least I felt I was offering value to my customers. To say I was discouraged after a few months would be an understatement. 

When you are not making money for your time and efforts, there is a genuine difficulty that can’t be explained. A certain stigma of failure that is just unbearable. Maybe its the fight or flight response but anxiety began to be a problem for me. I had to get out or risk my health so I did.

My only regret is that I had to let go of my loyal staff of two who were a wonderful married couple that took to me when I first opened the yard and stayed with me the whole time. So the phones were answered professionally and the vehicles were serviced by a good mechanic. But to tell the truth, when I finally closed the doors and returned the key, I was relieved.

Years went by and I tried my hand at owning a coffee shop that had no real customer base. I had some experience with the cabinet making industry through my job as the sales manager for a different insurance company. This led to another business attempt. I opened a very attractive and expensive kitchen showroom with 7 custom built kitchens on display. This was very expensive to set up and I was under that debt for several years after that one.

I was beginning to get a little discouraged. I was getting older and my attitudes were less optimistic. I could see businesses all around me that looked like they were successful, but my attempts seemed to be futile. I started to think more laterally about my approach. I began to really seek out knowledge. I replaced the impetuousness of youth with the absent minded hopefulness of maturity.

I stayed in my job this time, but sought to learn what others know as obviously I was missing something and there were people out there offering to teach me what I don’t know. They advertised in “opp magazines” and promised all sorts of things. Most of them were not credible to me, when I was young and full of hope, I dismissed these “opps” and I felt they were a scam of some sort so I never really got interested. But now it was changing, after my experiences, I started to think maybe I was really missing something and I could buy that knowledge and apply it.

I began attending seminars and collecting books and tapes on diverse topics. These people are good. Some better than others but I always learned something. I didn’t know exactly what I was looking for but felt the investment in my education was more then necessary by this point.

It became urgent the day I met my soon to be wife Cassie and I really wanted to give her a good life. This meant that my learning activities were ramped up. I really wanted to be somebody special to her and I wanted to get something going that proved I was worth her trust.

But with all the best intentions, nothing really gelled or made sense to me on a fundamental level. There was nothing that really gave me what I wanted. The truth. The facts. There was a result I was looking for and that result was sustainable and rapid wealth. For this, I would have done what it takes. Short of breaking the law or offending my own ethical standards, I would have given of myself totally to the task if I found the right path.

The Recent Past
Cut forward 10 years to that night I found Cassie sobbing at the kitchen table, the night our lives began. Sitting there that night, reading this interesting book again over 60 days after I first read it and discussing it with Kevin, the professional money man. (I look back and wonder now since Kevin drove an old Honda-talk about the blind leading the blind) and my close buddies, I had a fresh perspective and I could feel the old juices flowing. 

Unlike other opportunities I had read about, this thing actually made sense to me and was understandable on its own merit. I could “SEE” what Hayden was talking about.

I made my resolution to try this that night and I started to make my plans. I don’t know whether it was escapism or something new, but my plans had a certain clarity that night. Unlike other plans I had made in the past that seemed opaque and tentative. The car lot, the kitchen showroom, the coffee shop all were planned with a certain anxiety and doubt. But this night was different. I remember reflecting on what Kevin had said and feeling indignant but at the same time reassured.

He told me the book made sense and was do-able but it didn’t necessarily mean I could do it. His professional opinion was that the principles contained in “The Million Dollar Mentor” were sound but that as an individual he doubted my capacity to comprehend and apply these principles effectively. He accused me of just wanting to make money fast without working for it.

Things Changed When I Found Out How
There was something Kevin didn’t know. He failed to recognize my competent understanding of the ideas I had read about. He underestimated my knowledge base and more than likely had a biased opinion of my business acumen based on my past track record.

Something happened that night, maybe it was the urgency I felt due to the current emotional crisis I was undergoing. Maybe it took 2 months for my mind to adequately absorb the details of the principles because I did think about it often. Maybe it was simply that the idea’s crystalized into a kind of dominating confidence, but I had this thing by the throat and it wasn’t fighting me. Everything inside me was checking and re-checking the plans I formulated for clarity and viability. I looked at it from every angle and it always came up fine.

I could see how I could do this beyond a superficial level. I could easily demonstrate applied knowledge if it was required of me. I don‘t know if I am communicating this right, but to give you a relevant example. If you think back in school when you were required to study a topic and take a test. You would do OK but it was all superficial knowledge. Just answers given in a remembered fashion. The information was not workable. It wasn’t alive in your mind and you couldn’t really use it for any other purpose but to pass a test.

This was different. I felt that night that my understanding was interacting with other things I already knew and the pieces fell into place. I began to see, I had vision for the immediate future. I could see how I would make my first million within 12 months based on rough estimations of existing circumstances. I was self demonstrating applied knowledge and it was a new experience, I was “getting” it!

I took out a sheet of paper and began writing. I set my goal for 200% per month. I resolved to risk a few hundred dollars, If it didn’t work out after a fair attempt at least I could let my dream go and feel satisfied that I had made the attempt and move on to other things in my life. But I was determined to give this my utmost attention for at least the next few months. If I could double my money twice, then I could keep going.

At 200% $100 turns into $1.4 million after 14 events. In other words, if you took $100 and multiplied it by 2 (in other words doubled it) you could manufacture nearly $1 1/2 million in 14 months providing you could find ways of doubling your money within 1 month. Get a calculator now and try it, type in 100 and multiply by 2, then multiply that result and multiply by 2 again. Do that 14 times.

week 1 20% X $100 =$120
week 2 20% X $120 =$144
week 3 20% X $144 =$172
week 4 20% X $172 =$207 or roughly 200%

The question was how long would it take me to compound at the rate of 200%? As the table above shows, if I could find a way to add just 20% in a week, then every month I could look confidently at making 200% or doubling my money.

So I worked out if I could achieve 4 compounding’s per month and make sure that I compounded each and every deal by just 20% then I would be right on target to make nearly 1 and 1/2 million dollars within 14 months. As long as I kept it up and maintained my momentum, I would get there. I was certain of that.

How hard would it be to compound your money 20% in a week online? Well...in actual fact, as it turns out, Not very! In fact I typically found that my deals yielded much more than 20% I was getting 150% to 10,000%!!!! It’s all in the buying. If you buy profits then the money is in the bank even before you sell! By buying profits, I mean making sure the investment is well below intrinsic value. The secret is finding the good deal- being selective. So you CAN make a decent mark up. 

In the following pages, I will outline how this can be done online and describe the events of that night. When I found the Easy Corporate Money system, I knew my first million was in sight, all I had to do was take the necessary steps.

Spending 50 Cents To Make A Dollar

This is the whole point and the key to wealth. Finding places where people sell dollar notes for 50 cents is not as difficult as you may think. When I found this place, I was ordering as many $1 dollar notes as I could afford for 50 cents each. 

You may think this to sound strange, after all, who in their right mind would sell you their dollar bill for 50 cents. And if so...why are they selling their money so cheaply. Well, as it turns out, the world of e-commerce is structured just like in the real world. There are organizations out there, which will happily sell their $1 dollar of value to you for 50 cents or even less. They are wholesalers.

I found a large wholesaler that makes a mountain of money and they are not particularly sensitive to selling their dollar of value so cheaply. You may have heard of them, they are listed on the stock exchange and the ex vice president Al Gore, is one of its many share holders. The company’s name is Google.

Commerce is structured. There are wholesalers, retailers and middle men. The man in the middle is closest to the meat in the sandwich. That is why it is possible to make money fast! It is deliberately and actually intentionally organized that way. 

You can’t really say there is a literal market out there, that sells $1 dollar notes for 50 cents. I mean literally, when I say that I am talking about value which is the same thing as money. But you can actually bring together the wholesaler and the retailer to become the middle man. Becoming the middle man is the quickest way to make money on the planet. Retail and wholesale are convergent price opinions, by marrying them together, as a middle man you pocket the difference and that is why this is so lucrative. 

Using this method, you can compound your money by buying as much as you can afford at each compounding step. Of course, I suggest you get your feet wet first if you want to try this. You can start with small amounts, the minimum is about $2 bucks and the maximum is as much as you have. No limits.
But thats the beauty of my discovery! No rules of engagement. Nobody is  there taking fees and commissions off the top, nobody is telling you that you must make an initial investment amount. You can try it for $2 dollars or $20,000 dollars or when you really know your stuff, you can compound $200,000 and get the return back within a week!. This gives you remarkable flexibility and is perfect while you learn to play with smaller amounts of money first.

When I stumbled upon this, it matched my objectives perfectly. I was amazed that such a system existed but this is not new. Middle men have been around for centuries and will always have a place in commerce. They are the ones that makes things happen and for this reason they are the most well paid.

Way back then, sitting in my office, when I figured all this out and twigged to what was happening, doing my research online, I was so excited that I couldn’t sleep. I wanted to try this for myself as soon as practical and that meant right away...

I remember that night like it was yesterday, I chose my corporate alliance, typed in a few words to activate the investment and sat back and waited. It was not a long wait!

Sitting there at my desk, I was buzzing and bristling with ambition. If this worked, if this concept even showed a small sign of life, it would be our ticket to affluence. It was about 2 am and the house was quiet, I had the lights off, just the radiant glow of my pc monitor for light. I was just leaned back, still in my shirt and tie with my feet up on my desk...dreaming...

As I was waiting to see how my first attempt was going to turn out, I couldn’t sleep, I dreamed of distant shores and travel. I dreamed of new cars and large swimming pools. I envisioned Cassie’s smiling face and our kids happily frolicking around the pool. I was determined to see what this initial attempt would yield.

I checked my account statistics again by refreshing the page. at around 2:45 AM I had spent $4.54 so far and no sign of anything. I went back to dreaming. I thought about the day I will quit my damn job and never go back to it. I dreamed of building vast online businesses from the comfort of my own home. I dreamed of new ideas and new approaches and another 60 minutes went by like it was 10 seconds. 

I refreshed the page again and I was up to $6.70 but no result. Disappointed, I suddenly remembered that this account cannot tell me what results I got. I had to loggin to my other account. The one where all those corporations reside. Relieved and hopeful, I quickly navigated over to my other account.

Suddenly I was nervous. I was so hopeful that something would yield and now I had another chance. I logged in and sure as the sky is blue, there sitting in my account was a long bar that represented cash. I looked closer, the tab said, $107 dollars! I had successfully demonstrated that this method is viable. I had made 4 sales in the space of 2 hours and all I did was spend 10 minutes typing in a few words and spent just $6.70 to make $107 dollars. 

The world suddenly opened up under my feet! The heavens sang and the Universe was full of love and peace. I was euphoric. It was only $107 bucks, but to me it felt like I was some scientist who had just discovered the atom! 

Look at this recent screen shot of my account!

"The above screen shot was taken to display a typical week. As you can see it varies, but with these sorts of daily figures, it matters little. $70,000 per week does not make you a billionaire, however, you can live very comfortably in this business"

At the time, it was not the $107 dollars that was important, but what this meant. I did it in 2 hours, that’s $50 net profit, an hour, whether I am sleeping or out shopping or playing tennis. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! The next few days would show if this was not just a fluke, but the real deal. I resolved to reserve my judgement until I see that this is sustainable. I wanted to know this was going to keep working and not just some flash of luck.

I flicked off my pc and joined Cassie in bed. I was still aware of her grief and she was sleeping soundly so I was careful not to wake her. I drifted off at around 4 am without much difficulty.

The following morning I woke up like I was 10 years old and it was Xmas morning. As my eyes opened, my brain began to re-boot, then suddenly the delicious events of the night before came to consciousness, like an ocean wave of warm salty tropical water. I actually woke with a smile on my face.

I merrily slipped down to my home office down stairs and flicked on the computer. Logging into my account, the right one this time, I opened the payment page to see what happened over the 6 hours I slept. The bar that represented money was very long! The tab said $465.76

I sat, staggered, still with sleep in my eyes. I had made over 3 days salary in a few hours and it happened while I slept!

It occurred to me I had better check to see how much I had spent for this profit, so I logged into the other account and I was happy. I had spent $43.76

It was a Saturday morning and I was walking on air. I didn’t know what to do first, tell my wife, or make more alliances or what. I was just soaking in the feeling of optimism. I was still cautious not to get too excited. If I got too emotionally high and something bad happened, I might fall hard, so I was wisely even tempered about the whole thing. But still, as in-experienced as I was, I had a feeling it would be unlikely that this pattern would suddenly fall apart. The next week would tell me, but even if it held up at a 20% or 30% profit I would have happily stuck with it. But this profit was obscene, in the 10,000% mark and over night, not annual!!!  

I started to think what if I spent $1000, conceivably based on the results I had so far, I would make $40,000 or $50,000 over night!

Well, as ambitious as these notions were, I was no fool and was not going to risk messing this up. I decided it was best not to talk about this with anyone until I was on solid ground.

I spent every spare minute from that day on, glued to my computer, even at work when I could. Slowly and steadily enhancing my success to the point where I had a solid and automated wall of internet cash credited into my account each and every hour of each and every day. By months end, I quit my job and that was the day I picked to tell my wife about our new income.

She was very concerned about my job at first, until I sat her down at my desk and gave her the passwords to my account. I wanted her to be the one to open it and read the balances. The login screen came up and the Welcome text containing the family name. I asked her to look at all those bars that represent each days earnings. She acknowledged and looked. Now I said read the balance so far. So she did. She looked up at me and said, “my god Martin! That would pay our mortgage off!” “Is that really our money??”

I nodded. 

This type of success deserved some dignity so I refrained from being flippant in any way. I was now a serious business man and I acted accordingly when it came to my online business. She stood up and hugged me tightly. We spent that day making plans for that money and the expected money to come. I was by months end compounding my money dramatically and we needed to be careful with it. I assigned Cassie the job of researching investment strategies and over a short period she became quite an expert at financial matters. Our first priority was to pay out the mortgage which was done in the coming weeks.

We planned a trip to Scotland to visit Cassie’s family and pay our respects after which we continued on for a world tour. 


The Easy Corporate Money System System reveals this business model in detail. I know it works first hand. Also, thousands of others do exactly this to make their money working from home online. What is most interesting is that there is no waiting or set up or anything. Just join the websites I instruct you to and start working the list with these corporations as described. 

You can be set up and earning money in 6 minutes from now. If I had heard of this, before I experienced this myself, I would have been extremely interested. Not many people even know about this and the few of us that do rarely even tell our friends about it. 

I started this a long time ago, over 5 years and the work I did 5 years ago is still to this day, still sending me money. It is automatic and continuous. This has been a blessing and a true gift. I am sure I must have done some good deeds in a past life or something, because whatever forces came together to offer me the life I live now were obviously happy with me. And by virtue of you reading this, you are blessed too.

This does not require business experience or any special training. Just follow the instructions and make cash.

I know what life is like on a limited income. I desperately wanted to escape that drudgery and I did. Consider yourself fortunate to have discovered my story and the 
Easy Corporate Money
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Best Wishes
Martin Thomas

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